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Did you ever wake up one day and wonder how you got here?

I remember feeling that way a lot when my kids were small. I’d tumble out of bed, eyes half-closed, trip down the hall over lego land mines and dog toys and the odd sneaker or rollerblade, fumble with the coffee maker and lean on the counter with sleep-heavy measured breaths timed in perfect sync with the drip, drip, drip of the coffee maker. I knew I only had a few moments of perfect peace before my two cherubs stumbled into the kitchen clamoring for cereal and fighting over which cartoon to watch before school…and bedlam would be upon us.

These days my life is somewhat simpler. My cherubs are grown, one is married and one is not. But both are pursuing their dreams and continue to be a source of delight and joy in my life, and encouragers as I also pursue my dreams.

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Yes, they’re all grown up now. Remember that how did I get here moment? If you’re the parent of small or still at home children, take it from me, you’ll find out soon enough. Like in the blink of an eye.


I love my family. My husband and I spend a lot of time with our kids when they’re around, and we miss them like crazy when they’re not. But in our spare time, he works a day/night/24/7 job as a pediatrician, and I…well…I write books.

Why in the world…? Yeah. I know. I haven’t quite figured it out either. But you know, I’ve tried to quit and it just doesn’t work, so I figure I’m stuck with it. 🙂

Well, what kind of books? Ah. So happy you asked!

I write primarily from a Christian worldview, which means I like to have a faith element woven throughout the story. My characters are far from perfect, but heck, so am I. I have a ton of fun with these broken, messed-up people, and it’s even more fun seeing how things end up at the end of their stories. It’s challenging, frustrating, exhilarating and everything in between, but I wouldn’t trade this gig for anything. Please check out my Books page for more info!

I’m very fortunate to claim the fact that I live on an island in the Atlantic ocean. Bermuda. It’s beautiful. You should come visit. I was born and raised here, and even though I’ve seen many beautiful places all around the world, I have not found anywhere as amazing as this tropical paradise.

I’m so happy you’ve happened across my blog. I share my thoughts and feelings and sometimes strong opinions on various aspects of life. I usually post at least twice a week, and while I can’t promise you’ll always agree or even care about what I have to say, I can promise you that I’m always honest.

I love to connect with new friends, so feel free to interact here in the comments or email me if you like, at

Let’s keep it real together.





1 thought on “So This Is Me…”

  1. Great book trailer. If I had not already read Yesterdays Tomorrow I would definately want to after seeing this.
    For those who have not yet read this mind changing story you need to prepare yourself for a journey from which you will not emerge the same person you were when you first picked the book up off of the shelf and thumbed through the write ups inside the front cover and noticed how you were already being drawn into the story of two people who came together in a far away country under most unpleasant circumstance. Prepare yourself for a long term read – you will not want to put this story down and if you do (we all have to go to work etc. every now and then, now don’t we?) it will haunt your mind until you return and pick up where you left off and enter a time and place and a war and a situation that will not let you go away without this story remaining in the memory banks of your mind and resurfacing almost unbidden yet most welcomed as you ponder the entire scope of the time, people, horrors of war and the humanity involved in which this takes place.
    Incredible writing by an incredible author.
    Do read the book. You will thank yourself for it.


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