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I’m thrilled to hosting author Lori Benton! I’m a big fan of Lori’s writing and if you haven’t discovered her yet, she writes amazing historical fiction! Her latest book, A Flight of Arrows, Book #2 in The Pathfinder Series, sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to read it.


Hearts are Divided 
Loyalties Will Be Tested
The Fates of Two Families Hang in the Balance

Twenty years past, in 1757, a young Redcoat, Reginald Aubrey stole a newborn boy—the lighter-skinned of Oneida twins— during the devastating fall of Fort William Henry and raised him as his own.

No one connected to Reginald escaped unscathed from this crime. Not his adopted daughter Anna. Not Stone Thrower, the Native American father determined to get his son back. Not Two Hawks, William’s twin brother separated since birth, living in the shadow of his absence and hoping to build a future with Anna. Nor Lydia, who longs for Reginald to be free from his self-imposed emotional prison and embrace God’s forgiveness— and her love.

Now William, whose identity has been shattered after discovering the truth of his birth, hides in the ranks of an increasingly aggressive British army. The Redcoats prepare to attack frontier New York and the Continentals, aided by Oneida warriors including Two Hawks, rally to defend it. As the Revolutionary War penetrates the Mohawk Valley, two families separated by culture, united by love and faith, must find a way to reclaim the son marching toward them in the ranks of their enemies.

Lori is here today to talk about 18th Century World Building! 

(Photo cred: Harvey Barrison, Wikimedia commons).

ScavengerHunt_photo_menhorseback18th Century World Building World building—it’s a term most often associated with fantasy writers, those who create story settings like Narnia or Middle Earth, complete with people groups and their histories, legends, songs, and languages. But readers may have noticed that I’m doing something similar with my historical novels. I’m telling stories lifted from the same fictional 18th century world—one that exists in my crowded, character-teeming brain—so there’s every chance that a character or two from one book will, at some future date, wander into the pages of another book. That’s my intention with every novel I write.

I actually do this more than my four published novels (to date) might indicate, but occasionally those scenes featuring familiar characters from previous books are cut during the editing process. As a matter of fact, I’d worked more characters readers of Burning Sky would have recognized into A Flight of Arrows, my latest release, than presently inhabit the final pages. Alas, those characters didn’t play a significant enough role in the story to warrant inclusion in the final version of a novel already jam-packed with characters. But they’re still part of the story in my mind and you can find that deleted scene on my website.

For those interested in how these story worlds set on the 18th century frontier intersect, I’ve begun a Crossover Character List. It’s short for now but—God willing—it will grow!

Crossover Characters

ScavengerHunt_photo_womensewingJoseph Tames-His-Horse (Mohawk warrior): first appeared in Burning Sky. Has a small role in The Wood’s Edge, a bigger role in A Flight of Arrows. Daniel Clear-Day (Oneida warrior/elder): first appeared in a small role in Burning Sky, plays a much larger role in The Wood’s Edge and A Flight of Arrows.

Characters from my published books I know more about (and might someday get to share): The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn: Cade, Jesse Bird, Ambrose Kincaid, Blackbird, Thunder-Going-Away, Charlie Spencer, Seth Trimble, Bethany Allard

Burning Sky: Neil MacGregor, Willa Obenchain, Matthew/Owl, Maggie/Pine Bird, Joseph Tames-His-Horse The Pathfinders series: pretty much everyone!

Well, we’ll look forward to it, Lori!



Lori Benton was raised east of the Appalachian Mountains, where she was surrounded by three hundred years of American history and now her novels transport readers to the eighteenth century, where she brings to life the Colonial and early Federal periods of our nation’s history. She is the multiple award-winning author of numerous books including Burning Sky, The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn, and both books in The Pathfinders series (The Wood’s Edge and A Flight of Arrows). Connect with her on her website LoriBenton.blogspot.com or on Facebook (Author Lori Benton).


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