I’m reposting this. I apologize. But I need it. Right now. Because really, it doesn’t matter, even when it does.

Catherine West

Two weeks of traveling. Meeting friends. Attending a wedding. Being with family. 

I stumbled off the plane yesterday and spent the rest of the day in a sleepy haze. Checked out my book on Amazon, read emails and Facebook posts and pondered how to sell more, reach more, do more…and I’ve already forgotten. 







And this. 


Those breathtaking moments that seem to stop the world spinning for just an instant as you stand in awe and realize how insignificant your issues really are in the grand scheme of things. 

How easy it is to get right back on that hamster wheel and spin and spin and spin and go nowhere. How ridiculous to think that happiness comes from achieving a measure of success that so often seems unattainable yet we just keep reaching…pushing, trying…and wearing thin in the process. 

I tell you what. What I’ve learned?…

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