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There’s just something sacred about savoring silence.

Whether you’re bathed in sunshine, cloaked in moonlight, huddled deep in cushions in the corner of the porch watching the rain come down or staring out over a frozen body of water, snow falling softly from tall pines…silence reaches deep and says something to the soul.



I’m not a fan of snow and ice, but there’s something magical about the glistening, something spiritual in the stillness, that serene silence when all you can hear is your own heartbeat. It’s in those moments that I pause, reflect and really try to listen.

Can you hear things through the silence? Or does it become so deafening that it frightens all thought away?

Sometimes. Sometimes I loathe it and long for noise because I’m afraid of my own thoughts. I’ll turn up the music or watch television. I don’t want to hear unspoken words and so I drown them out.

Have you been there?

I have.

This past year I’ve dealt with more conflicting emotion than I know what to do with. Doubt. Fear. Sorrow. Confusion. They form hard knots in the pit of my stomach and tighten and tighten and tighten until all I can do is say, “God, make it go away!”

You know?
I do.

I don’t know why we’re put through these times. Times of testing. Times when nothing makes sense no matter which way you swing it. Times when you know there isn’t a simple logical reason in the world for you to feel this way, yet you do.

But I wonder now if it’s supposed to be this way. Because sometimes we need to sit in silence. Sometimes we need to just be still…because even if we don’t know now…we will. At some point, maybe soon, maybe not, things will come around.

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There will be a break in the clouds.

And we will know.


Yes. Joy.

And all the waiting, the wondering, the wanting…will all have been worth it.

Because I know this. God doesn’t walk away. He doesn’t give up. He doesn’t let go.

Believe that today, my friend. Even in the midst of it all.

Things will come around.

I know.

Here. Grab my hand. Hang on tight.

Your joy is coming. Soon.

And we will shatter the silence with our laughter.