So you probably know I’ve just released my novel. For the second time. If you’re a reader, you might think that’s cool and awesome and oh so much fun for me. If you’re a writer, you’re grinning. 

Because you know. You know that launching a book nowadays, whether Indie or through a traditional publisher, is pretty much like trying to scale Everest in a pair of flip-flops. And you’re either going to burn that rubber down to nothing or you’re going to rip those suckers off your feet and wing it…or…you’re going to give up. 

I can visualize that image quite clearly. Standing at the bottom of that enormous mountain, knowing there’s no way I’ll ever make it to the top. Knowing deep down, that to try is just stupid. Yet part of me rails at that sentiment. 

Stubborn. Tenacious. Call it what you will. But after all these years, something in me refuses to give up. 

This past week, I’ve been on vacation. We visited the beautiful state of Colorado to attend a very special wedding. I loved being there, saw a lot of friends, and truly enjoyed the beauty of that part of the country. It was a great time. Except for that one thing. One thing we did, stupidly or not, was take the drive up Pike’s Peak. 


I’m not fond of heights. I don’t do roller coasters. I just kind of avoid these pulse pounding, heart stopping kind of moments. But it’s the grand attraction in Colorado Springs – the ‘don’t you dare miss this!’ moment. And my husband (who is terrified of heights), was convinced we just had to do it. 

This image is actually from a decent height. It got worse as the road narrowed, the tree line disappeared and the air got thinner. Considering my husband, (who is terrified of heights), was driving the car, all things considered I’d say the fact we survived was a miracle in and of itself. 

But the view from the top? 



Pretty spectacular. 

I’m not sure either of us would choose to do it again. But in that moment, freezing and breathing 12% oxygen compared to our usual 21%, a tiny part of me said this was worth it

Because I know. I know I probably will never do this again. And that this memory will count. It will stay with me. It will say, “Been there, done that.” Boo yah. 

And sometimes…that’s all we can shoot for. 

As it is with this book. 

I’ll take that drive, treacherous as it may be. I’ll take the risk that I might careen off that cliff at the next hairpin turn. Because if I don’t…I have a feeling the view from the top is going to be pretty spectacular. And while I might be able to say, “Been there, done that,” I think this time is different. This time it’s a new view. New challenges to be sure, but new opportunities. 


But life is all about taking risks, isn’t it?  Making the most of what we’ve been given.

And finding joy at 14,110 freaking feet. 

God, help us to find joy in the terrifying moments of our lives. 

Where have you found joy lately?