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Life. Crazy huh? Who can make sense of it?
Well, to keep a very long story short, today’s post is about sharing the happy news that my first novel, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, has been re-released and is now available for your reading pleasure on Amazon! Even after all these years, this book is still #1 in my heart. I hope you’ll read it, (if you haven’t already) and find out why. The new version is not vastly different from the first, but much improved, I think, if I do say so… 🙂 But you be the judge.

Lots of hard work has gone into this new venture and I’d like to thank some folks – first my FAMILY –


Chris, Deni, Sarah and Randy and my AMAZING husband, Stephen – you put up with the crazy and you support and encourage and kick butt when necessary. You guys are my absolute world and I love you more than words can say. And my super wonderful Dad and stepmom – you guys are simply the best!

My friends – oh my word. Where would a girl be without her friends? It would take a few pages to post pictures of all my cool and wonderful people who love me through all this nuttiness, but you know who you are!

My agent – Rachelle Gardner, for always pushing, always being there and always believing. And having the sense to connect me with awesome editors like Mick Silva…it was hard work, but you inspired me to make this an even better story, thank you! Dineen Miller – this cover is breathtaking – you rock!!

SO, here we are!


I’m doing the happy dance today! I hope you’ll join me in the celebration!