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Adoption can be a road etched with uncertainty for everyone involved. At every turn, hearts are on the line, and at every turn is a chance to take another step, to trust a little more, to love.
For my own story, I was on the adopting end. My husband and I knew going into it that nothing was guaranteed. We knew that adoption is just as uncertain as pregnancy, that minds can change, circumstances can change. But somewhere along the way, God began to show us: Whether our adoption road led us to an adoption or not, He’d placed us there for a reason.
We had to change our perspective to see things the way He did: He placed us there to serve someone, to come alongside a birthmom, to pray for her, to offer true and heartfelt love to her. Whether she changed her mind about the adoption or not, we were there for a reason.
Since that time, I’ve come to see that this applies to so very, very many different things in life. Whether you have been touched by adoption personally or not, I would be willing to guess that you have found yourself in a situation where the outcome was uncertain.

Can I offer that little bit of truth today as a seed of encouragement? Whatever it is you’re facing, whatever fragile hope, rest in His calling. If He has placed you there, it will not be in vain. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will end up the way you hope it will, but we can rest that no matter the outcome, when we obey Him, we are successful through Heaven’s lens. Even if we “fail” by the world’s standards, if we’ve listened to Him, put our hearts on the line when He’s asked us to, we have honored Him… and hopefully touched others, as well.
And what’s more, the God who called us to that place desires to give exceedingly, abundantly beyond anything we ask or imagine (see Ephesians 3:20). So while heartache may or may not be a part of your journey right now, just know that your Heavenly Father will, when we trust enough to wait and let Him, work all things together for the good of those who love Him (see Romans 8:28).
Recently, when we were in the midst of such a time, I heard this song on the radio written by Matt Hammitt for his baby, born with a severe congenital heart defect.
He tells his story here (bring the tissue, there will be tears…):

Matt Hammitt – Story Behind "All Of Me" by MattHammitt-Official

The song brought me to tears in my car, and I was again confronted with my heart’s struggle: Am I willing to put my heart on the line? Am I willing to obey, to travel this road, even if my own heart breaks?
Here’s the song:

In the places of the unknown, the unsure, the fragile… we have a rock to stand on. We have the promise of a Healer who will cradle us if we do break… a healer who was willing to give all for us. Take heart, friend, and take the next step. He has a purpose for you where you are.

Let’s discuss: Can you share a time in your life when God asked you to place your heart on the line, to walk in faith, to trust regardless of the outcome? I am so encouraged by such stories and would love to hear yours here.

Amanda Dykes is a storyteller who aches to share God’s grace. She is co-host of the Christian Fiction Book Club and would love to connect with you at www.AmandaDykes.blogspot.com