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I am delighted to have Gail back with us today! She’s going to share a few thoughts on writing that I am sure you will find inspiring!



When asked to make a post that was writing related, I stopped to think of a topic. So many things jumped through my head I didn’t know where to start. Therefore, that’s what I’m going to make as the topic of this post – Nailing down an idea so you can do something with it.
There are many ways to do this. But in all the ways, whether you are a Pantster or a Plotster, the starting point comes about in the same way.
It’s to stop and think, what really is your story about, and what do you want to say. Do you simply want to tell a story for the point of telling a story, or do you have a serious point to make? Do you want to have a love story with a teary ending, or do you want to have an action packed thriller that leaves the reader gasping for air?
Do you have a primary character whom you want the world to love, or do you have someone the reader is going to want to shake some sense into?
Once you have decided what kind of character you have, what is the goal they must reach by the end of the book? And when they reach that goal, is there an Aha Moment you want the reader to see?
The reason we have to know all these things before we formulate our story is that we have to know where we’re going, so we can aim there from the first page, and not wander in circles. In today’s fast-paced world, a story has to move, and it has to have a point. You can’t move in a straight line if you don’t know your destination.
I don’t write my first word in any story, until I know the ending. Only when I know where I’m going, am I able to get there.
Next time you have a story to start, think of those things. I think you’ll like what you find.

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