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Ever have one of those moments where you react before thinking? I do. A lot. And a lot of the time, I do it online. Something pricks and burrows deep under my skin and I react, slapping it away like a wasp who dared bite me.  I want retaliation for that particular bite. I might be able to kill the wasp, but the bite will still be there, red and ugly. Then it’ll get itchy. Eventually it will fade away to nothing, but I’ll be a little more wary when I see a wasp coming my way.

I was absolutely mesmerized by Friday’s opening ceremonies of the London Olympics. I was born and raised on a British Colony, I have many British friends. My Dad is from Belfast. I spent two years in England along with many vacations. I have been accused of having a ‘dry’ sense of humor, which we attribute to my British upbringing, such as it was. I ‘get’ the Brits. Their humor, their literature, their music. So of course I was extremely proud of the show they put on for the world on Friday.

And then the comments started popping up on Facebook. Other people didn’t quite appreciate the things I did. And some of them were downright nasty about it.

Truth be told, I was offended. Actually, in the words of Tabitha Twitchett, I was ‘highly affronted’. Go look that one up if you need to. And, truth be told, I didn’t handle it well. I probably should have just walked away from the computer and come to the conclusion that we’re all different, and that’s okay. But no. I made a few comments on my Facebook page that I probably shouldn’t have. Most people got my comments and understood the underlying sarcasm that I tend to be prone to – but unfortunately one person did not. And that person blasted me all over my Facebook page. Probably not the way I would have handled it had I been highly offended, as this person was, but then again I might have.

I didn’t care to respond. I don’t know this person and we’re no longer Facebook friends. If you have an issue with me, take it to a personal message. I didn’t appreciate the personal attack. But then again, I’m pretty sure she felt like I was attacking her, her country and every American who has never been exposed to British humor, literature or music and just doesn’t get it.

Maybe I was. But tell me this – why is it okay for people to throw insults left right and center at another country or person, but then when a few get thrown back at them, they cry foul and scream and yell at the unfairness of it all?

People are just plain strange.

So that was my weekend fun. (That and watching the guys chase a squirrel out of the house).

Mulling all this over in my head, I’ll not be so quick to react next time something stings. It’ll take some work on my part, I’m sure. But I will try to be nice. I’m sorry that some people just don’t get me. That’s easy enough to fix. I’m not begging people to friend me on Facebook or read my blog or follow me on Twitter. If you do, that’s great. I am a nice person most of the time, and I have been told I write pretty good books. But every once in a while, well, I’m human.

So sue me. Or just de-friend me.

On another note – my next book, Hidden in the Heart, is COMING!! I promise. It is. I will post more on this just as soon as I can, but I hope you’re excited as I am. The birth of a book never gets old.

Thanks for reading and happy summer!