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If you’re a romance fan, whether you’re just a reader, a lover of romantic movies or a writer, you know that there comes a point in every story, that single defining moment – that AHA!, lightbulb moment –  that changes everything. It could be the hero finally realizes what he’s been missing all this time and declares his love for his girl. Could be the girl wakes up one day and realizes what a mistake she’s made sending that guy away, because she loves him. Can’t live without him. It’s the kiss in The Notebook. The “You Complete Me,” scene in Jerry Maguire. That scene in a book that makes you put it down, sigh and reach for the tissues.

You know what I mean, right?

Well, I thought it might be kind of cool to share a few scenes with each other today. Have you written anything lately that you think is swoon worthy? Seen a movie that touched your heart and make you tear up? Read a book with exactly that kind of scene in it? Nice authors will give you more than one. 🙂 Maybe you have an amazing romantic moment of your own between you and the love of your life to share. Don’t be shy! There are plenty of tissues to go round.

I’ll give you a couple of my favorite scenes to get us started – Here’s one between Kristin and Luke, from my novel Yesterday’s Tomorrow

‘She heard his heavy steps on the concrete behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders, gently turning her to face him. In his eyes stirred questions she wasn’t sure she had answers to.
“Do you really want to stay?”
She searched his face, desperate for anything that might reveal his heart. “I don’t know,” she whispered, unwanted tears stinging. “This place—there’s something about it. I can’t explain…”
“You don’t have to.”
She didn’t have to. She knew he loved the very same things. The natural beauty of Vietnamrounded emerald hills older than Confucius himself, rich with ancient history that kept account of the beliefs and religions its people followedthe quiet way the villagers spoke as they allowed her into their huts and offered up Vietnamese hospitalityand
the children. She loved the children in a way she would never have imagined. And had someone told her a few months ago that she would have anything in common with Luke Maddox, she would have laughed until she cried.
Yet here they were.
Luke’s smile was sad as he brushed away her tears with the base of his thumb. “What do you want to do, Kris?”
“I don’t think I want to go home.”
“Good. I don’t want you to.”
The declaration settled into her soul, nudging it ever so slightly toward hope.
His hands moved her hair out of her eyes and came to rest around her face. He pulled her closer and placed his forehead against hers. He sighed, soft and low, as though he’d given up the fight. And then his lips claimed hers.
His kiss, sweet and lazy, left her breathless and longing for more.
“Oops.” Luke drew back, rubbing his nose against hers.
“What was that?” She slipped her arms about his waist and smiled as he tightened his embrace. She loved the way his eyes caressed her now,
filled with a new light that thrilled her.
That she could feel such pleasure in the middle of hell seemed ludicrous.
“I don’t know. Let me refresh my memory.” His lips found hers again, and she allowed it. One moment in time would not change anything…or it would.
She didn’t care anymore.’

Copyright © Catherine West Yesterday’s Tomorrow 2011

And here’s one of my favorite scenes between Gray and Victoria, in my new book (not yet published) Reprisal

“It was good to talk. I’m glad you called.”
“Actually, you called me.”
She laughed. “I’m hanging up now. Tell everyone I said hi.” She paused, sniffed again. “Gray?”
“Remember when we met and you said I’d live to regret the day I walked in and took over your life?”
Guilt punched his gut and Gray made a fist against the pain. “Yeah, I remember.” Like it was yesterday.
“You were wrong. I have no regrets.”
He sucked in air and sat in a downpour of feeling.
Disbelief, amazement, gratitude and love flooded every inch of him. This was unlike anything he’d ever felt in all the time they’d been together. This was real, here, now.
He’d spent years chasing down all the wrong things when the most wonderful thing in the world had been right there beside him the whole time.
And he’d let her go.
He wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice.
“I love you, Victoria Montgomery. Just so you know.”
She breathed into the phone a moment and then sighed. “I kind of figured you did.”
Sweet laughter infiltrated the darkest parts of his soul and he fell in love all over again.
“I love you too, Gray. Although most days I don’t have the slightest idea why.”
“Give me a second chance and I’ll help you figure it out.”

Copyright © Catherine West Reprisal 2012

Your Turn! Share your favorite romantic scenes with us!