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“It’s all around you…” August Rush.

Here’s my favorite song from that movie-

I love that movie! Admittedly, it is a little hokey and as an author, I wanted to do SO much more with the characters, but the music in it was awesome. And of course, it has a happy ending. But it does a great job of showing how important music is. How it brings people together.

I can’t remember not being surrounded by music. My home was always filled with it. Not instrumental, as neither of my parents played anything, but Mom always had the radio on. She was always singing or humming a hymn. I believe music is a gift God gives us. We can use it to worship Him, and we should, but we can also find comfort in it. Inspiration. Hope. Those fortunate enough to be able to create music are blessed indeed. I tried to play guitar for a few years, but eventually gave up.

And so I sing.

I’m no Adele or Whitney by any stretch of the imagination, but on a few Sundays a month, you’ll find me on the worship team at church. I sure don’t do it to add anything to the mix, because honestly, I’m not that great, but I do it because I love it. Music is one way I feel completely connected to my Savior. Truth me told, I’d much rather sing my way through a worship set than sit through a Bible study. I don’t pretend to understand it or apologize for it. It’s the way He made me. I’m pretty sure He gets it.

Music inspires me to write.

I’m a product of the late ’60’s and a child of the ’70’s. My XM is tuned to The Bridge, which plays mostly music from those decades. Occasionally I’ll venture onto The Pulse, which is more of a mix of today’s music. I like some rock and pop and easy listening. I’ve never been a fan of country music. Until now.

Stories from the heart. That’s what music is to me. When I hear a song that tells me a story, I immediately fall in love with it. The more I listen to country music, the more I appreciate this. Compare a bunch of hastily strung together words, a grinding beat and a few derogatory comments about women to the smooth gravelly voice telling you about a lost love, with a beautiful guitar melody in the background, and I’ll tell you, country wins hands down. I’m not a die-hard yet, but they’re winning me over.

Who are you listening to? Do you have a favorite band or group that you play all the time – one that inspires you when you’re writing? At the moment, for me it’s Lady Antebellum. Their songs seem to fit perfectly with the story I’m working on. When I was writing Yesterday’s Tomorrow, all I listened to were songs from the ’60’s. I can’t imagine working or doing anything really, without some form of music playing. Sometimes I need silence, but for the most part, I’m really enjoying the music.

Are you?

Here’s a music video of Lady Antebellum’s “Hello World.” This is what I mean about telling a story.

Let’s talk music today! Tell me about your favorite music.