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Today’s featured author is Dianne Christner!

Dianne is going to answer my very inquisitive questions, so let’s get started!

Who Are You?

Thanks for asking, Cathy. I’m a vain-plain gal who colors her gray hair brown and usually dresses in jeans. I might add that I earned my not-so-gray hair from forty years of marriage and thirty plus years of motherhood. I love my family, which is why my smile wrinkles are deeply entrenched. And I’m blessed with five fabulous grandchildren.

I’m also an introvert, which means I thrive and recharge (get my energy) from the solitude that goes along with writing. However, I love people and in the past month have joined a church neighborhood group and also organized a couples’ Bunco group.

I start out each day sipping two cups of coffee with some heavenly version of creamer, sitting in my favorite chair to read scripture and pray. I’m using a Chronological Bible and after 14 months am nearing the New Testament. Whew! But who says you have to make it through in a year? Why not a year and a half? I’d rather go at my own pace so I can savor the scripture along with the coffee.

The adjective vain-plain stems from my Mennonite background and my spiritual journey away from the plain. In Something New, Lil Landis also struggles with this issue.

Where Are You Now?

I just arrived upstairs in my office, with my old dog gimping behind me. I was going to take a photo of the desert mountainous view for you, but the window was too dirty. I’m still coughing from the dust that got stirred up raising the blinds. Sorry about that, Fritz . . . to my dog who just left the room.

My desk is a custom, room-wrapping feature, designed by my woodworking husband (we share an office). It holds my laptop, my portable keyboard, a mishmash of working files, and . . . am counting . . . twenty reference books. My grandchildren’s photos are mixed in with those of movie stars (who represent my book characters). I have various charts with blogging, marketing, and writing deadlines.

Where Are You Going?

This month and next, I’ll be writing and blogging. I just received the galleys for Something Blue. In April, I’m traveling to Plain City, Ohio, for a book tour where I anticipate meeting readers from the area. After that I’m going to Sweet Home, Oregon, to do research for a new novel.

Cathy here again – it’s been great to meet you, Dianne, (and Fritz!) and your books sound wonderful! Here’s the scoop on Dianne’s book, guys. I’m going to go check it out right now!

About Something New:

Something New, book two of the Plain City Bridesmaids series

Reluctant to give up her hard-won independence, Lil Landis must leave her friends at the doddy house and return to the family farm to care for her depressed mother. Lil is ashamed of her humble farm roots and plain clothes. She wishes her family attended a more progressive Mennonite church. But one thing that is not plain is Lil’s flair for cooking. She dreams of becoming head chef and hopes this talent will get her far away from the farm that is sinking into debt and keeping her from following her lifelong goals. When her dad’s livestock gets sick, the new veterinary student catches her eye. Fletch Stauffer attends a liberal Mennonite church. He has dreams of his own, which take him undercover at the Landis farm. As Fletch is drawn deeper into deceptive ambitions, he finds himself falling for spunky Lil and at odds with his dream. Will determination and mistrust keep them apart?

About Dianne

Dianne Christner is an author of several novellas, anthologies and four Christian fiction novels. Currently, she’s bringing the romantic comedy genre to the plain people. Raised Mennonite, she does this with warmth and sensitivity. She resides with her husband in Phoenix, Arizona, where they enjoy the desert sunshine and attend a mega community church. Christner writes full time and keeps a blog on writing and the Mennonite lifestyle.

Member RWA, ACFW, CWOW (Christian Writers of the West), NAPW (National Association of Professional Women)

Places to Connect with Dianne:

Author Website

Blog – plain girl romanticizing


Just A Note: I’m presently traveling, so I won’t be blogging Monday. Hope to catch up with you all next week!