Last year was a landmark year for me as far as reading goes. I found I had more than a few friends who were writing historical fiction, so I began reading it. And immediately got hooked. When Christine Lindsay asked if I would read her debut novel, Shadowed In Silk, for possible endorsement, I agreed. Mostly because I like Christine, and she and I have shared pretty similar journeys along the path to publication. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy a long historical novel, but boy, was I in for a treat.

Shadowed In Silk is rich in history, full of descriptive narrative and tells a story you won’t soon forget. My only question after finishing this amazingly written novel was why hadn’t Christine been published sooner? I can’t say enough about this wonderful book!  If you haven’t yet found a copy of this literary feast for the imagination, I advise you to do so quickly. You won’t regret it.

But before you rush off to Amazon, Christine is here to share a few thoughts with you today:

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘cast your bread upon the waters and wait for it to come back to you’.

Well how about the one, ‘looking for lost donkeys’?

Nope? Never heard of that one?

Lately I’ve been testing the waters to see what direction I should take with my writing career. Not being independently wealthy I need to bring in an income. Financial difficulties seems to be a burden most artistic people bear.

Right now I’m prayerfully trying to decide if I should search for a full-time job outside the home which would mean I lose out on the time it would take to write another book. Or if I continue to write, it may mean more years of financial strain. Or maybe the Lord will bring that really good contract with a major CBA publishing house.

You may be in a similar position, looking for a job, deciding on what college to attend, hoping one of your books will sell. Or perhaps your health is an issue?

There’s an incident in the life of Saul that each time I read it, gives me comfort. The young Saul had no idea that God had chosen him to be the first king of Israel. He was ust an ordinary guy whose father was a farmer and owned a string of donkeys. One day those donkeys went missing, and Saul’s father sent him out to look for them.

Saul travelled through various areas, looking for ages for those donkeys.

I can connect with Saul’s long and unfruitful search for those financially strategic donkeys.

Funny thing is, God used that long and winding search to bring Saul to the prophet Samuel. The Lord had already revealed to Samuel that He had chosen Saul to be that first king. As Samuel unveiled this to Saul, he also told him that the donkeys he was searching for had been found and were already at home, and that God had a totally new direction for his life.

So, when it seems every iron you place in the fire doesn’t get hot enough to provide for you, or you’re not sure which direction to cast your bread on the water, remember that God knows exactly where your lost donkeys are. 

In the meantime, I continue to work at my part-time job, and on my days off am writing the sequel to Shadowed in Silk, which is called Captured by Moonlight.

About Christine Lindsay:

Christine Lindsay is the Award-winning author of Shadowed in Silk which was released in 2011. She lives on the west coast of Canada about 200 miles north of Seattle. Like a lot of writers, her cat is her chief editor.
Available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and all other online locations.
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