As a debut author, I’ve spent the last six months connecting with readers, authors and reviewers. It hasn’t been easy. In fact, at times it’s been downright difficult. Why? Because there are thousands of blogs, thousands of bloggers who love books, and thousands of bloggers who love books and review them! How do you sift through all those lists until you find the right readers and reviewers  you think you might forge a connection with? You might waste hours of time, visit a ton of blogs and send hundreds of emails-sometimes you hit the jackpot, but a lot of the time, you just end up frustrated.

So here’s my new venture.

A place where we can all gather to share information, talk about books, writing and maybe some other stuff.

I’m in the process of compiling a list that I’ll be sharing on this blog.

A list of lovely people who do book reviews.

Won’t that be helpful? Please note, as I write for the CBA market (Christian), the reviewers I include on this list will all review Christian books. There are plenty, and I do mean plenty, of reviewers out there who like to review all kinds of fiction, and these guys do too, it’s just that in my quest for the Holy Grail, aka a list that points me to reviewers interested in reading what I write, I came across too many blogs that outright stated they DO NOT review Christian fiction. To each his or her own and no hard feelings, but this blog is ALL about Christian fiction. YAY!

Maybe that’s a new genre for you entirely. Maybe you don’t know much about God. Don’t want to know. Or maybe you do. Maybe you just don’t know what you want. You’re definitely not alone there!

Stick around, pull up a chair. You might actually find something here worth your time.

I hope so.